Image size and manipulation

1. What is the width and height of my image (dimensions)?

Check the dimensions of your image in your picture editing software. Please ensure that your file fits within the width of the fabric you have chosen.

To check fabric widths, see ‘Fabrics’

2. What is the resolution of my image (dpi)?

You can find out the resolution of your image in your picture editing software.

We recommend that the resolution of your file is 150dpi (dots per inch) at actual print size. Make sure it's not 150 dpcm (dots per centimetre) which will create a much larger file.

Files uploaded above 150 dpi will not improve the print quality, but will result in a much longer upload process.

3. Can I change my image size?

You can change the image width and height (dimensions) and the resolution (dpi) within the CREATE section of the site once you have uploaded your file.

4. Can I rotate or crop my image?

You can rotate or flip your image.  You cannot  crop your image.  Any crop adjustments will have to be made in your own editing software.

These options are available under the ‘Edit Image’ tab once you have uploaded your file within the Create section.

5. What is the extra 30cm that is included in the price?

We need to add 30cm for each new order as that is the length of fabric that needs to be fed into the printer for the machine to have a good grip on the fabric.

Unfortunately there is no way around this. Fabric can also have uneven edges and we can't guarantee even fabric edges so the fabric width options already have 5cm in width (2.5 each side) subtracted already. See diagram below.