Our Process

What do I need to do?

1. Upload

Using the file uploader, upload your design. For a 10MB file, this may take several minutes. Upload times can vary depending on your file size and your connection speed. For help with preparing your file for upload, see ‘File Preparation’.

2. Create

Now you can customise your design using our layout and editing tools. You can choose to repeat, crop, resize and offset your artwork. You can also choose your fabric base and the length of your order. For help with choosing your fabrics, see ‘Fabrics’.

3. Order

At this stage we take your contact and payment details, so that we can begin to work on your order. For help with any order queries, see ‘FAQ’s’.

What happens next?

1.  Your order is checked by our team. We will be in touch if there are any issues.

2. We will print your order if everything is good to go.

3. The prints are then steamed, washed and finished.

4. At this final stage your order status will show that your parcel is ready for despatch and will be delivered shortly. For help with delivery options see ‘FAQ’s’.


We have recently installed a fabulous new printing machine and a new piece of finishing equipment.  This means that we will be making some beneficial changes to our printing and processing, but may cause some temporary delays to your order despatch.  We feel that our colour profile is now more accurate than it was before.  It may also mean that if you have printed with us before that you will need to let us know if you need a close match to previous print work.  We cannot guarantee an exact match, but if your job requires sampling it would be useful to let us know.  Otherwise, we will be using our new system and software from now on to print all jobs.  Our turn around is 10-15 working days. (May 2014)