What we do

The Centre provides a commercial digital fabric printing and textile design service, consulting to large and small manufacturers as well as to individuals. The speed of this technology enables businesses to respond rapidly to new and changing markets and creates cost efficient opportunities for niche marketing.

We have recently installed a fabulous new printing machine and a new piece of finishing equipment.  This means that we will be making some beneficial changes to our printing and processing, but may cause some temporary delays to your order despatch.  We feel that our colour profile is now more accurate than it was before.  It may also mean that if you have printed with us before that you will need to let us know if you need a close match to previous print work.  We cannot guarantee an exact match, but if your job requires sampling it would be useful to let us know.  Otherwise, we will be using our new system and software from now on to print all jobs.  Our turn around is 10-15 working days. (May 2014)

Digital printing

Digital textile printing technology allows designs and images to be printed straight from the computer screen onto fabric creating exciting opportunities for customised design and allowing photographic quality reproduction onto natural fibres, such as silk, wool, linen and cotton.


The primary advantage of direct digital textile printing is to eliminate rapid protoyping of textile designs and products and eliminate the need for the traditional time consuming and expensive sampling process. it is no longer necessary to colour separate a design, enabling much more complex and subtle effects to be produced than have previously been possible. The carrying of stock , with the associated cost implications, is not required as designs can be printed on demand. Lead times and start up costs are minimal compared to conventional printing and quantities as small as 1 metre can be provided.