Our new web application

Today we have launched our new web application.

The system has been designed to include improved account management features, job editing facilities and a new approach to order processing.

Overall this change will enable the Centre for Advanced Textiles to streamline its systems and processes and offer a central resource for managing customer accounts, orders and individual jobs.

For your benefit, the new job editor enables you to select a fabric, input size and scale, and upload one or more images. It also offers advanced transform controls and larger previews, and we have introduced a new feature where multiple jobs can be created as part of each order, which saves you making individual transactions for each job.

Our first priority has been to get a new image editor in place for our customers, therefore much of our time and effort has been spent on development. This means our existing website interface will remain in place for the time being.

Over the coming months we will be looking at a second phase of development, which will see us launch a newly designed website in 2016.

We hope you like the new image editor and look forward to receiving your feedback.

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